Monday, October 31, 2011

just two things.

You know what they say, you haven't lived until you've burst out of a vagina, naked.

   After that, all you do, you do to prolong your time/life on this shitty planet which honestly, I'm not a fan of.  What really bugs me is how some of you choose to live the way other people want you to live. Morally, financially, sexually, most of us restrict ourselves to what we believe is 'normal.' I don't believe anyone has the right to impose their morals on other people. If one wants to be a whore, let them be Whether it's an attention seeking whore, a whore for money whore, a gold digging whore, a fat ass liar whore, a man pimp whore, just let them be and seriously, looking carefully, we've all done a little whoring in our lives.

I'm quite a cussing whore when i particularly feel bad ass

  I was once in a verbal fight with some guy friend because I kept referring to every shitload he did as gay. No, you do not call a male waiter "dear.", matching bracelets and shoes, seriously? strawberry lip gloss? supras at 28? I'm not saying all that is gay GAY, what i mean is, it's gay LAME, and the shithead couldn't understand all that was for shits and giggles. Since then I've been trying to break-dance back to his life, for friendship's sake and yes, he's quite busy with the silent treatment, which is also, gay. And it's not like, being gay is a bad thing...

 always remember, Carbon is just a shitload of heat and pressure away from becoming a diamond. you are the carbon, work on being a gem, I mean diamond.

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